Wednesday, February 20, 2008


A man went to a barber shop to have his hair and his beard trimmed. As always,he started to have a good conversation with the barber who attended to him. They discussed about a lot of things and suddenly they touched on the subject of GOD..!
The barber said "Look! I don't believe God exists as you say","Why do you say that?" asked the customer...The barber replied.."Well,it is so easy ,you just have to go out onto the street to realize that GOD does not exist.Tell me,if GOD exists,would there be so many sick people? Would there be abandoned children? If GOD exists,there would be no suffering or pain.I can't think of a GOD who permits all these things."
The customer did not want to respond,to prevent an argument.The barber finished his job,and the customer was about to leave when he saw a man pulling by,with long hair and an unkempt beard..(He seemed so untidy that it seemed like his visit to a barber was long overdue!)
The customer told the barber.."Know what? Barbers don't exist"
"How can they not exist?" asked the barber,"I'm here alive and kicking."
"No!" The customer exclaimed,"They don't exist because if they did,there would not be people with such long hair and such a beard,like the man who just passed by"
"Ah! Barbers do exist,what can i possibly do if people do no come o me?"
"Exactly!" affirmed the customer."That's the point GOD DOES EXIST, what can he do if people do not go to him?"


"I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar,who is athief,such wealth i have seen in this country,such high moral values,people of such caliber,that I do not think we would ever conquer this country,unless we break the very backbone of this nation,which is her spiritual and cultural heritage,and,therefore,I propose that we replace her old ancient education system,her culture,for,if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own,they will lose their self-esteem,their native culture and they will become what we want them to,a truly dominated nation."

INDIA - 1835



1. Symptom: Cold and humid feet.
Cause: Glass is being held at incorrect angle (You are pouring the drink on your feet). Cure: Maneuver glass until open end is facing upward.
2. Symptom: The wall facing you is full of lights.
Cause: You're lying on the floor.
Cure: Position your body at a 90-degree angle to the floor.
3. Symptom: The floor looks blurry.
Cause: You're looking through an empty glass.
Cure: Quickly refill with your favorite beverage.
4. Symptom: The floor is moving.
Cause: You're being dragged away.
Cure: At least ask where they're taking you.
5. Symptom: You hear echoes every time someone speaks.
Cause: You have your glass on your ear.
Cure: Stop making a fool of yourself!
6. Symptom: The room is shaking a lot, everyone is dressed in white and music is very repetitive.
Cause: You're in an ambulance.
Cure: Don't move. Let the professionals do their job.
7. Symptom: Your dad and all your brothers look strange.
Cause: You're in the wrong house.
Cure: Ask if they can point you to your house.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

For Mama and Papa

How hard is it to let go , and let your loved ones go ahead and make a mistake,so they learn their lesson from it? I never realised until recently, how much i learnt in life bcos of all the freedom my parents gave me...They placed all their trust in me and let me do whatever i wanted to,i tried each and everything i laid my interest on,made some irreversible mistakes,made a fool out of myself countless times,only, to learn some invaluble lessons in life...Lessons that i cudn't have learnt from advices or in classrooms...
Today i find,I'm confident to go out anywhere and do anything,i know no fear of trying new things,and all that is because my parents let go....let me make my mistakes and learn from them. Never once did they ridicule me for trying something i am not good at.No matter how badly i failed i always knew i could come back to their open arms and be praised for giving it a try.
I know,as parents, how hard it must have been for them to give me all the freedom I'm enjoying now,and i really admire them for it...
Mama and Papa this is for both of you,you have been my role models ever since I have known the meaning of the word....Papa i have always admired your commitment towards the family,your straight forwardness and concern for everybody around you,Mama i admire the way you took on the challenge of raising us three teenagers,with papa being so far away,bearing with our mood swings and tantrums,also,the way you instilled the love for each other in us and made sure we realised our responsibilities...The love you both have for each other has not escaped our eyes either, we are lucky to have parents like you!
Love you loads :)


Life has always fascinated it the tiny fingers of a new born,the innocence of a child,an adolescent's search for his/her identity,the transformation from adolescence to adulthood,the sensibility of the middle-aged,or the experience of the old-aged...I kinda picture myself in all those phases of life and am amazed at the way GOD planned everything!

Life is like a novel, you never know whats going to happen next until you turn to the next page,I read that somewhere and am amazed by the truth of it..Nobody knows whats going to happen next,even while i'm typin this there could be an earthquake and the roof could come crashing down on my head...Or i could become a celebrity through this blog ;) ;) ,or...or a lot of other things could happen,but nobody knows what...and thats what life is all about!

I wait in anticipation for what every moment has in store for me...With every passing minute i grow older and wiser,learning about what a roller coaster ride life is.There have been some totally unexpected things that have happened and there have also been a lot of things that i have planned for and that have mercilessly flopped! And again,i realise they are a part and parcel of life,that make life so exciting to live,so enthralling to look forward to....something like a joy ride! The joy ride part,sure does depend on how you perceive things in YOUR life...If you are going to be pulled down by failures in your life,then forget about it being fun or about enjoying the ride!

When you know you've got this one chance to tell the world,you exist and this one chance to make the most of the life you have been gifted with, go ahead and face the day with all the enthusiasm in you,you sure will leave your footprints for the world to see :) :) !